Workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and IP Management for Start-ups”

S. S. Jain Subodh Management Institute, Mansarovar under the aegis of Institute Innovation  Council (IIC) organized a workshop on “Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and IP  Management for Start-ups” on 3rd May, 2024. Mr. Anurag Kalavatiya (Advocate, Managing Partner, Amicus Legal) was the keynote speaker for the Workshop. At the outset the students were welcomed, made aware about the objective of the workshop and the initiatives of Institution Innovation Cell.

Prof. Dr. Raju Agrawal, Director, S. S. Jain Subodh Management Institute and IIC President  welcomed the keynote speaker and presented him a green token of appreciation. In his speech, he motivated students to develop an insight for important intellectual property, their  rights and their registration process. Intellectual property is vital to the business process. Safeguarding an entrepreneurship intellectual property is crucial to developing and maintaining a successful business. 

In the workshop, Mr. Kalavatiya shared the concept, importance and types of intellectual properties. He told that it is important for anyone to protect his or her ideas. For entrepreneurs, it is essential to safeguard this investment. Intellectual Property (IP) systems  can be critical in helping new ventures transform their innovation potential and creativity into market value and competitiveness. IPR safeguards the ideas and innovations of entrepreneurs, ensuring that their original works and inventions are protected from potential infringement and unauthorized use. This protection is crucial for fostering a conducive environment for creativity and innovation. The workshop was coordinated by Parul Bhargava (IIC member).  IIC Coordinator Kaneenika Jain proposed the vote of thanks. The workshop highlighted the importance of intellectual property rights and IP Management for start-ups and entrepreneurs.  More than 85 students and faculty members participated in the workshop.